Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Agile metrics / Scrum Metrics

I very often hear about metrics in agile or what metrics shall we use in Scrum?
I recently came across Mary Poppendieck's suggestion about using the following "holistic measures":

1. Average Cycle Time – how long things take to go through the system.
for example - requirements from capture to acceptance and defects from
detection to correction.
2. The Business Case – Is the project still viable? If this isn't the case,
everything else is irrelevant.
3. Customer satisfaction – are your customers happy?

I wish I could try these one day.. instead my managers ask me to calculate the time spent on stories/projects and all types of coverage reports. Oh well.. ;)

Monday, 10 August 2009

Twenty tips to write a good stored procedure (RB)

I came across a very useful list of tips for writing good Stored Procs by Arup Chakraborty here

I would say it can be combined with my set of best practices to include things like limiting the sets as early as possible.

Good read overall!
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