Friday, 26 February 2010

Weekly Agile Links 1-5 Mar 2010

Overwhelming number of links this week and I had to select the ones I believe were better read. This week my link of the week is Jean Tabaka's list of tips - 78 Things I Have Learned in 6 Years of Agile Coaching

New Site for Agile Managers and Team Leaders Jurgen Appelo introduces a new website - management 3.0

Are tools necessary for acceptance testing, or are they just evil? Gojko Adzic dissects a recent Jim Shore article and defends the need for acceptance tests.

When Agile meets data: a call for longitudinal studies Laurent Bossavit thoughts on Scrum and data from other approaches. I like the conclusion- Agile is a journey of inquiry

[link of the week]
78 Things I Have Learned in 6 Years of Agile Coaching Jean Tabaka and her most valuable advice for Agile coaches - priceless!

Fixing the Quick Fix Esther Derby on fixing the problem and not the symptom. Always worth reading Esther's articles.

Getting Started With Agile (1/5) First of Mike Cottmeyer series on Starting with Agile

A CLEARer way forward Glyn Lumley redefines objective setting and points out why CLEAR is better than SMART

Failure Is Not An Option, It Is A Requirement. Derick Bailey on the benefits of failure.

In Awe of Process Excellence joeely618 tells an experience about learning.

It's The Execution That Matters, Not The Idea This just confirms what I've always said.. ideas are important but execution is more important.

Learning from Dogs Dave Rooney on how precious time is and how you should use it!

What does being a team really mean? Gerry Kirk outlines his definition of being a team. Also touches on the "5 core Scrum values".

Inevitable and avoidable rework Simon Baker talks about two types of technical debt

The Name Game I know another game that goes under the same name so was pleasantly surprised to see that this one is different. Definitely will try it ;)

An Agile Coach to start Scrum Widely in a Company Dimitri Baeli @ agileee2009 (video)

Is there a place for criticism of Scrum? Tim Gregory on what's wrong with most scrum practitioners' attitudes and how Scrum needs to evolve.

Deming’s 14 Points and Quality Project Leadership J. Alex Sherrer explains how to utilise Deming's ideas in practice.

5 Little Things That Make a BIG Difference as a Leader Part 1 Dan McCarthy's tips for Leaders - I will definitely look for the rest of the series.

The Fist Of Bad Management There's plenty of talk these days about what is wrong with traditional management and Bret L. Simmons summarizes most of the main points.

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