Monday, 19 July 2010

Weekly agile links 19th July - 23rd July 2010

Agile: Doing the wrong thing righter Bob Marshall with his point of view on whether Agile helps or not overall. Judge for yourself ;)

Programme Level Kanban David Joyce with a different approach to scaling agile - program level kanban board to replace Scrum of scrums. They look pretty similar approaches, don't they?

Coaching Agile Teams Podcast Lyssa Adkins talks about her new book.

The Flow Experiment based on maths example. Good illustration.

Ester Derby's Coaching Toolkit 'As a coach, your job is not to solve or do—it’s to support other people as they develop skills and capabilities ' looking forward to reading this one ;)

The Core Protocols an Experience Report by Yves Hanoulle (Part 1)

An interview with Russell L. Ackoff It is a pdf and very long. My experience tells me I should find time to read it ;)

The System Behind The Behaviour by Esther Derby (Better Software) - this helped me with an approach to a problem recently. Very good.

The Limits of Agile Alan Kelly talks about common frustrations when applying agile. Very thue. Not sure about the Is it worth it section - Coming from the point of view where I was not replacing a process with Agile I can't argue with how successful other approaches can be.

Scrum is a Silver WHAT and you want to put it WHERE? By: Mike Dwyer. I like this answer - Silver mirror ;)

Re-thinking Lean Service I am pretty sure I've had this John Seddon video before but it is so good that I am including it again.

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