Monday, 31 January 2011

Agile Links - first set for 2011

I have now missed so many weeks so there really is no point to call it weekly is there?

My collection though I believe has some very good reads in it!

How to Create Change: Don’t Help People A nice view on how to instigate change. I like the beginning of it, hopefully some day I'll read it all.

What about Chris Argyris? Luc Galoppin has written a fantastic brief on Argyris and to be honest if I had read that before I might have skipped reading those books ;)

Don’t Prioritize Features! Scott Sehlhorst claims prioritising features is a waste of time. I tend to agree with him (to an extent).

Per-Feature ROI Is (Usually) a Stupid Waste of Time Here's another view that is slightly different from most people's understanding from reading all those agile books. I like the reasoning though.

Single Piece Flow in Kanban: A How-To A video presentation by James Shore and Arlo Belshee

Tightening the Feedback Loop You can never go wrong watching Patt Kua's presentations and this one is very important - very much related to double loop.

Business-Driven EnterpriseAgility A video by net objectives (A.Shalloway and co.)

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