Monday, 26 September 2011

Futurespective (the way we do it)

Furturespective (also Future-spective) is an approach to run retrospectives or improvement workshops which attempts to drive out possible improvement opportunities (usually to process but can be others) by shifting the group's focus into the future and then looking back from there. It is described well by Anders Laestadius here however this is not exactly the way we do it in my current team. So I decided to write up a summary of the "Furturespective the way we do it":

The agenda is usually something like this :

  • Check-in - Sometimes, especially if you do it for the first time, the check-in can be your explanation of the concept of the Futurespective which is usually engaging enough to get people's attention
  • Successful end: Explain that you're now at the end of the project/delivery/release and it is a success so you ask the team to brainstorm the reasons why they аre successful.
  • When step 2 is over (say 5 minutes) ask everyone to post their items on the board and explain them (and group as much as possible)
  • Unsuccessful end: Now explain a second scenario - the project is a failure and ask the team to list possible reasons why this might have happened.
  • Like in step 3 after short brainstorming ask the team to post and explain the generated ideas/reasons.
  • Now ask the team to vote e.g. 3 votes each or choose more appropriate number based on team size.  A variations can be 2 votes per positive item and 3 for negative.
  • Count the votes and discuss the top 2-3 items (depending on time restrictions)
  • Discuss the top voted items and try to generate follow up sessions or actions.
  • Check-out

  • Hope this is useful. Thanks to @alfie_thomas99 for this version of the futurespective.

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