Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kiva - an awesome way to help people

Thanks to Jurgen Appelo's tweet and blog post today I discovered Kiva 

I signed up and already made a couple of loans.

What an awesome way to help people who want to make a difference. And loans can be as small as $25 - this is about £16 today.

I agree with Jurgen - this is much better than donations.
Donations are probably still the only way to raise money for certain causes but Kiva feels like the right way.

The concept seems to me very similar to Dr Yunus's Grameen bank who clearly has found a great solution for boosting people who want to work and just need a little bit of help.

And this is the key for me.. So if you would like to start by lending a free $25 then use this link  and start helping people who have found the drive to try and make a difference.

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