Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Scrum Gurus Speak

I am sure not everyone can spend much time reading on scrum development so I thought it might be useful to post this list on here. Will make my life easier also whenever I need to use it ;)

To tolerate a problem is to insist on it. ~ Ron Jeffries

A tool is nothing without a skilled artisan to handle it. ~ Tobias

The practices are not the knowing: they are a path to the knowing. ~Ron Jeffries~

No matter the circumstances you can always improve. You can always start improving with yourself. You can always start improving today. ~Kent Beck~

Anyone who uses the term "resource" when referencing people has to put $1 in the "inappropriate comment" jar! ~ Ken Schwaber

Reality is what we make, not just what we live with. ~Ron Jeffries~

Make it real or else forget about it -- Carlos Santana

Without prioritization, nothing is a priority. ~??

Agility might be said to be about encountering all the problems so early and so often that the effort to fix them is less than the pain of enduring them. ~Ron Jeffries~

"Everything is simple, until you have to do it yourself". ~??

"Once you add people to even the simplest problem, it can get pretty messy in a hurry". ~??

The practices are not the knowing: they are a path to the knowing. ~Ron Jeffries~

Ability to estimate correctly is not an 'ability' ... it is a fluke and lucky guess ~Roy Morien~

A dead scrum master is no good to anyone. ~??

If we're not shipping our software when it's ready, it's poor business practice. If we're not sure whether our software is ready, it's poor software practice. ~Ron Jeffries

Once you start measuring something, you can easily end up in a situation where the measurement itself starts influencing the things you want to measure. – Wolfgang

"A team consists of people under pressure to do their best. Conflict is natural and the team needs to know how to deal with the conflict and have resources to draw on when needed." --Ken Schwaber

Don’t worry about the enterprise rollout today when you have not started even one project. ~??

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