Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Agile Presentations - free or paid?

I was amazed (if not shocked) to find this website today:
It is selling presentations to help with Agile.

I refuse to accept this.

The Agile community, as is obvious when you look at the search results returned by your favourite search engine, has been trying for years to give these things for free. Here's some evidence:

and these are just a few of thousands of examples.

And after all when trying to explain Scrum/XP or agile pracitces like user stories you need to understand it otherwise how do you expect to change others view about the way it is done? And if you do understand it then you will be able to do the presentation yourself!? Even if you struggle for ideas about your presentation simply look for other people's presentation or articles or even books(!) that are available out there. For free. Not for the "price of a light meal" (10 GBP!?)

PS. I promise to find a more positive topic for my next post ;)

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