Friday, 29 January 2010

Weekly agile links 1-5 Feb 2010

Another week of too many links to go through and pick the ones that look most interesting. This week my link of the week is Sara Ford's (Microsoft) blog post:
How I Learned to Program Manage an Agile Team after 6 years of Waterfall

What does a ScrumMaster do? Nice, short list and a great reminder by Dr. German Sakaryan

10 questions to choose candidates - A useful guide on how to Choose Quality Candidates/Consultants for Your Large Company Agile Initiative

Splitting user stories by David Draper - always worth reading Dave's posts!

Yanking the value chain Ade McCormack thinks there are some worrying omissions that could threaten the success of the IT function

EPIC goals of coaching Useful summary on coaching types by David Harvey

The Cost of 2nd Time Quality
To be honest this is far too long to read but it looks promising and has lots of data and pretty pictures ;)

Adopting Agile Development - The role of the CIO Isaac Sacolick on how the CIO changes during agile adoption

Why Work should be fun A post (or perhaps a rant) by Felicity Goodey

They’re not User Stories To find out what "they are" check Liz Keogh's blog

Mockups with Balsamiq I have heard about balsamiq several months ago and since then I see more and more people using it for UI mock-ups. Great summary by David Draper

Building a Requirements Foundation with Customer Interviews by Esther Derby and from the The AYE Conference

What Really Motivates Workers by Teresa M. Amabile and Steven J. Kramer and from the HBR (with the usual quality)

Pragmatic Personas: Putting the User back in User Stories Jeff Patton reviews the different ways that software is currently built.

Can Scrum Support Six Sigma? An attempt to combine these two by Heitor Roriz Filho

[link of the week]
How I Learned to Program Manage an Agile Team after 6 years of Waterfall Some good insights that could help traditional PMs to transition to agile by Sara Ford (and also some shocking news about the dev tools we use on the MS platform)

Barry Schwartz on our loss of wisdom Barry Schwartz makes a passionate call for "practical wisdom" as an antidote to a society gone mad with bureaucracy.

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