Saturday, 6 February 2010

Weekly agile links 8-12 Feb 2010

My agile link of the week this time is Matthew Baker's guide from waterfall to agile! [the first link below]
I also have a quote of the week which sounds as valid as ever:
"we're so similar in our attempts to be different"
I hope you enjoy the collection of links!

From Waterfall to Agile: How we got there - Matthew Baker provides a nice overview on the difficulties and challenges while helping a company become Agile.

The speaker interviews: Esther Derby A fresh interview with Esther Derby. A must read although I have not done it yet.

People Are NOT Resources This is exactly what I needed. While I have read bits and pieces about why it is a bad practice, this article gives so much reasoning that I can see myself easily convincing event the worst cases that I know ;)

Lessons from Target Value Design Introduction to TVD by Hal Macomber

Who are your Users?
Liz Keogh on org. structures, stakeholders, users and project experience (interesting read)

Brain Functions That Improve with Age Another great (and encouraging) article from the blogs @ hbr

The STC magazine has arrived! The new magazine for testers published by Rob Lambert (and others)

Pursue the Goal Not the Method I've been trying to say just that! And while a few a prepared to listen I love the fact that others think the same.

The surprising truth about what motivates us An audio recording of Daniel H Pink speaking about what motivates team members

Don't just interview new developers. Audition them! I cannot agree more with all this articles says!

Comparing Velocity Across Teams Vikas Hazrati provides good reasoning why it is a bad practice.

Is the Microsoft Way counter-productive? "Innovation can only thrive where competition isn’t dominant" says Alan Cooper

Work isn't your dad interesting read and the conclusion is similar to one of my friend's favourite phrase - "life's simple - you either collect gold or experience" (like in his favourite game)

Facilitating High-Emotion Retrospectives An alternative approach to Retrospectives by Cory Foy

Revisiting and Re-reading Dr. Deming’s “Out of the Crisis” A must read (at lest to me ;) )

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