Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Weekly Agile Links 15-19 Mar 2010

My quote of the week this time comes from a 33 years old article by Melvin Conway - yes you've guessed it - it's the famous Conway law - "Any organization that designs a system (defined more broadly here than just information systems) will inevitably produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication structure"

Otherwise another huge week on links so I guess I have to up my selection criteria so I can post a manageable number of links and only those of best quality ;)

My Link of the week this time is Toyota’s journey from Waterfall to Lean software development courtesy of Henrik Kniberg who brings us an interesting story.

All the links below - I hope you enjoy reading/watching ;)

What Great Bosses Know about Teams vs. Silos Do you have a team or a silo? Great article & podcast discussing leadership & team dysfunctions

Scrum Gathering Musings Another blog post with impressions from the SG2010 in Orlando, this time by Karl Scotland.

Shifting the Burden of Establishing Priorities An interesting exercise by Esther Derby demonstrating that "without prioritization nothing is priority"

Brian Marick on 4 Challenges and 5 Guiding Values of Agile Software Development looks interesting - must find time to watch it!

Toyota’s journey from Waterfall to Lean software development Guess what? Toyota software development currently is running waterfall. Henrik Kniberg's been there and is happy to share his experience.

Orlando Scrum Gathering overview by Bob Hartman -very useful if you want an informative yet not so long summary.

Agile Coaching CirclesNotes from a SG2010 open space session on how to avoid feeling isolated and unsupported as a coach

An agenda is the killer of productivity in meetings Hugh Ballou has something to say about activities and outcomes - usually worth reading when he writes.

Team Roles Tom Glover writes something very similar to the DISC model with very similar claims that all of these roles are necessary as well.

Migrating from Scrum to Scrumban - an Experience Report from a Kanban Virgin Chris Pitts presents his experience of moving from Scrum to Scrum ban (which is a combination of Scrum & Kanban)

The new issue of Better Software with some great articles from Mike Cohn, Lee Copeland, Jon Kohl and others

Harrison Owen: Use Open Space for amazing results Michael Sahota's notes on Harrison Owen's keynote speech at Scrum Gathering 2010 in Orlando

Fix the Small Problems First After winning my article of the week last time here is another article by Jurgen Appelo. This time on fixing small cracks. Has in it my favourite example about the NY police and crime rates.

Managers Are Clueless Pawel Brodzinski states the obvious. I wish more managers could admit it!

What happened to the Deming philosophy?A great article about W. Edwards Deming (by Rip Stauffer)

Large-Scale Agile Another scaling agile article by James Shore

An Open Space endorsement of Scrum Tobias posted this reproduction of the email sent to Scrum Alliance by Suzanne Daigle who worked with Harrison Owen on the Open Space session at the American SG2010. A great feedback for SA.

Are We Agile Yet? Abby Fichtner (the hacker chick blog) shares some great tips for team sthat want to be agile.

When Bureaucracy Kills Leadership (and Your Organization) Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D explains why bureaucracy is bad. I'm sure most of us see it every day - the article is good - hope it reaches those intended.

Conflict is Human: Let's Use It Well Deborah Preuss explains why conflict is good. I agree.

Reference list of Open Space Sessions [Open Space] Last one on SG2010 I promise. this one conatins links to all open space sessions details.

How One Leads Others: Plus It, Always! Dr. Jeffrey Magee on leadership. Looks interesting and I should find a few minutes to read it this weekend.

A video of Professor John Seddon discussing the seminal moments that informed the evolution of his systems thinking method

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