Friday, 19 March 2010

Weekly agile links 22-26 Mar 2010

Reasons An incredibly good article by Gerald M. Weinberg. Contains a nice tool to deal with situation change agents have to deal with now and then. A must read really!

Team Estimation Game - This is a 2 years old post by Shane Duan which describes a game by Steve Bockman. I came across the link and I thought I'd publish it as I've seen the game before (last year's ScrumFest in Brighton) and I liked it ;)

Stop. Reflect. Adapt. Matthias Marschall on The 3 Steps to Stop Writing Bad Code

Self-Facilitation Skills for Teams Esther Derby on looks into self-organizing teams and beyond technical work.

Experiment Driven Development - The Post-Agile Way Here comes another ?DD - this time it is the EDD. Nonetheless it does sound interesting and 'the business' can learn a lot from it.

7 Productivity Tips From Ernest Hemingway And today still valid as ever (thanks to WBRIGGS)

Leadership Development: Just in Case or Just in Time Tom Glover with another interesting post on leadership. I like how Tom specifies the reading time ;)

Goal-driven Development Eli Lopian presents some valid thoughts on the wrongs of performance management as we know it and gives examples of why setting a goal is important.

The Dolt's Guide To Self-Organization Jurgen Appelo's super simple explanation of self organization. Reading time 10-15 minutes ;)

Facilitating A Kanban Konversation One of the great Kanban leaders Karl Scotland talks about facilitation in Kanban environment - e.g. goldfish bowl or just fishbowl as some call it.

A Managers Role in Hiring Esther Derby continues her management series with a suggestion about how to do hiring in collaborative environment.

Doing It Wrong An amazing podcast of one of the last interviews Russell Ackoff gave. Insightful and revealing. Evry C*O must be made to listen to it and understand it.

Agile coaching skills course
John McFadyen's take from Rachel Davis's recent course @ skillsmatter

Technical Excellence isn’t enough Eric Brown on technical excellence, point 0 and what else is do you need (I need to read it really ;))

10 Questions to Ask Your New Manager Jurgen Appelo again - this time with 10 questions you should know to ask when interviewed.

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