Monday, 29 March 2010

Weekly agile links 29 March - 2 April 2010

Short and busy week produced less links than before. At least this time I won't forget to post it.
My Link of the week is Mike Cottmeyer's advice on how to build a large organization.

Enjoy reading ;)

[link of the week]
How to Build a Large Agile Organization Mike Cottmeyer suggests a way of large scale Agile that I can actually see!

Management Mistakes (Part 1) Michael Bolton's rather amusing story which brilliantly pictures so many of my past managers ;)

Optimize the Whole = Measure at All Levels Jurgen Appelo once again with a valuable article on what to measure and why.

Systems Thinking and The “Flop” by Tripp Babbitt. Something for me to remind me to read it really rather than recommending it. (which doesn't mean it is not good).

Managers: Reduce Stress by Increasing the Feedback by Steve Roesler.Reminds me of the famous quote that truth always is uncovered in the end so why not get there fast.

Ten Answers from a non-manager Markus Gärtner provides the answers to Jurgen Appelo's questions from last week. Blog-dialog ;)

Appraisals aren't about the work anymore by ROB WORTH. Yet another one for me to remind me to read it. Kind of busy week ;)

6 Months of Reflection Leadership Tom Glover reflects on what he learned from publishing in his blog in the last 6 months. Haven't read it in full.

Unwritten Rules of Communication Mike Myatt on leadership and effective communication. Sounds interesting so I should be reading it soon;).

Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall? Whatever you call your process, it’s broken I struggled to find out who the author is - it sounds challenging and interesting though.

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