Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Weekly agile links 12th - 16th April 2010

Interesting (if not thrilling) week for me filled with both positive and not so positive emotions. We had Bob Marshall @ Agile South Coast at the start of the week and last night I attended NxtGen Southampton for Visual Studio 2010 launch presentation by Jason Z who happens to be GM of the Visual Studio team. As a result I have not been very active and missed most of the links flying around. Yet I hope I have a nice and quality collection below.

My link of the week is The Psychology of Lean Management By Michael Ballé

I hope you find something useful to read ;)

Agility, Measurement,and Motivation A free article by Jim Highsmith, Director of Cutter Consortium

Agile Transformations fail because of FEAR... "Have you heard this before?" asks Michael Depaoli and challenges the statement used by too many..

Agile and Management of Change If you go into the trouble of reading this post by Elderclei Regis Reami you're likely to think - yeah nicely said but unlikely to happen. I am sure it can happen though and one day I am going to write a report based on actual experience!

Stumbling Through Mediocrity I am yet to read it.. which is why it might miss on link of the week.. it seems very interesting so .. top of my to read list..

WHY PRODUCT OWNERS SHOULD CARE ABOUT QUALITY Roman Pichler with another good (and short) article to help shape the PO role.

The product owner and the product-shaped hole What the product owner needs to worry about according to Jeff Patton. One for me to read later on.

Agile Record A new magazine. Looks promising.

[link of the week]
The Psychology of Lean Management By Michael Ballé, author of The Lean Manager. Kind of long but a must read really.. if I managed to survive it I am sure you'll do too;)

SEMAT - Software Engineering Method and Theory by Mark Levison.. another manifesto.. similar to the software craftsmanship idea

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