Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Weekly agile links 6th - 9 April 2010

Here we go again, I actually had a day off on Friday and a nice long holiday so finally getting time to publish last week's links. I hope you find something useful ;)

8 Tips for Performance Metrics Jurgen Appelo again with some extracts from his book. Re-confirms my thoughts on performance measurement.

The Agile Manifesto… and status report John Mortimer re-reads the agile manifesto every year so here's his 2010 verdict

The Failure of Failure An HBR article by Michael Schrage on the different types of failure

A Simple CST Application Process On 6th April the Scrum Alliance Board of Directors approved a new CST application process and this is the link to it.

Pluralcast #12 : The Future of Scrum with Ken Schwaber Interesting comments on what happened between Ken and the SA and an unfortunate word used to describe Scrum ;)

Top 150 Management & Leadership Blogs Another entry by Jurgen Appelo - this time he used his own algorithm to create a top of leadership blogs. Good idea - I know what to read now.

Achieving Fast, Flexible Flow Brian Lawley on product management and how to make it leaner.

The Case for Sprint Preview Meetings We call them pre-planning, requirements workshops or something else - Charles Bradley comes up with a new name.

Listening is a Top Leadership Skill Hugh Ballou explains why listening is so important. I like this transformational stuff ;)

Better Software March/April 2010 This issue has several interesting articles including one by Mike Cohn, some interesting exploratory testing stuff and one on collaboration.

THE INFLUENCE OF ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE ON SOFTWARE QUALITY: AN EMPIRICAL CASE STUDY A pdf containing a study by MS people apparently. A bit too long for me with the time I currently have but worth reading later on so here's a good place for me to store the link.

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