Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Weekly agile links 10th - 15th May 2010

A week of trying to go back to normal and a week of new opportunities and some exciting changes. At the end of last week Leeds United (the team I support) won promotion to the Championship and while that has nothing to do with Agile links it does represent a positive development for me;) Anyway on the links topic my link of the week is here:
The Problem with the World? "Dear Sirs,I am.Sincerely yours,G.K. Chesterton"

And the rest of my links:

Can I Do Perfect Scrum and Still Fail? Yes. Read more if you want to find out Mike Cottmeyer's somewhat longer answer.

One Team: Replay initially published in July of 2001 by Kent Beck. Classic read.

Dee Hock’s four priorities for managers How obvious isn't it? And how well misunderstood .. manage what?

Scrum or Kanban? YES! You have seen these questions I am sure.. which one is best, when to use each, and so on.. Every process has a sweet spot says Michael Sahota and concludes - We need to know both Scrum/XP and Kanban

Agile and Lean Product Development – Yesteryear, Today and into the Future Rally dev post including opinions of their own gurus Ryan Martens and Jean Tabaka.

Scrum to Kanban transition Case study published by Mattias Skarin

Word to the Wise Someone finally has defined wisdom.. apparently

Approaches to Organizational Change a post by Michael Sahota which is mainly about Mary Poppendieck talk “What’s wrong with targets?” whose goal is to 'trash Management by Objectives'

The Missing Link To Lean Six Sigma - Emotional Intelligence ANKIT PATEL explains why lean and six sigma should be viewed as more than just tools.

Career paths for technical folks Bob Marshall on the always interesting topic of career paths and why developers should not move into management if they do not want to..

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