Monday, 12 July 2010

Weekly agile links 12th July - 17th July 2010

We just ain't that good at risk Rich Maltzman argues that we're not good at managing risk with (only) our gut. I agree. He also argues that "the tools and techniques given to us by our PM books and mentors are worthwhile" - I would say in some contexts. Interesting read overall.

LeanSSC 2010 UK The link to all published presentations from this year's event @ Bletchely Park

How To Succeed With Scrum When Your Company Is Anti-Agile by Rob Diana. Good article that highlights the issues with the way we sell agile (and the way we've been taught to do it) and why it does not work. I agree the approach will have its benefits and it will be event better if we find ways to illustrate how good this is not by facts but by making people realise it themselves.. and then perhaps at some point they'll realize that there is a bigger problem to solve because it is a common experience that development adopts agile well.. the issue lies elsewhere..

Leaving a Legacy, How Do You Leave an Environment in Which a Team Can Continue to Grow Dan Rough's notes from the open space session with this title at Agile Coaches Gathering in UK 2010.

Kanban - how software people get it wrong Thad Scheer pointing out the mis-understanding and mis-use of Kanban. Pretty good and explains well why most companies would move a team to Kanban only after they've mastered Scrum/XP for the benefits of JIT delivery.

The Essence of Agile Henrik Kinberg's slides from his keynote "The Essence of Agile" at Agile Spain 2010, Madrid.

Millennials and Scrum, made for each another What Lyssa Adkins talks about here is exactly the place I'd choose to be. Just look at that: “Well, that’s just stupid. Who would ever choose to work that way in the world we live in?” When was the last time you heard someone who is not an agile proponent to say something like this about waterfall?!

Paul Dyson's On Estimation article says the things pretty much the way I think about them. Easy to say do not estimate, not so easy to avoid it - yes I do want to know how much it costs before I make a decision to buy it.

The Secret Sauce Recipe to Agile Coaching I am going to read ROB MYERS in detail and compare with my notes from ACGUK 2010.. the topic is hot hot hot for me right now.

Metrics Used In Testing Lots of suggestions.. pick & mix.. but remember Demming's quote: "The most important things cannot be measured."

5 Tips to Build a Real Project Dream Team Ty Kiisel on my favourite topic - building dream teams.Simple & effective.

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