Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Weekly agile links 5th July - 9th July 2010

It is Agile Coaches Gathering week and I am heading to Milton Keynes early on Friday so this post will either be lucky to be published earlier or will wait until Sunday.
Looking forward to a great event and for those who cannot attend follow the twitter updates - tag #acg.

Enjoy this week's links ;)

Steps In Performing a Project Risk Audit One topic that is hot at the minute, at least according my impression..

New Maxim: If You Can’t Change the People . . . Change the System! From Tripp Babbitt's Blog

The History and Simplicity of Lean Process Improvement Brian Hunt explains a lot of the reasons behind lean and why things are the way they are.

How to Project Manage Just About Anything My busy week means I can't read this one now but the title sounds intriguing enough so I am including it.

The globally connected project team This might as well have been titled practicla advice on how to work in a distributed team. Looks good.

How Agile Projects Measure Up, and What This Means to You Executive report by Michael Mah, Senior Consultant of Cutter Consortium.

How To Tell Your PM His Leadership Skills Are Terrible? Send him to a IMPROV course? No, seriously I suck and I am proud of it!

Test Driven development with MVC and MSpec 52 minutes video, must watch for me ;)

HICSS 2011 Agile Papers - Need Reviewers! Jeff Sutherland posted this call for reviewer recently.. I wanted to do it but then considered my schedule and gave up.. any takers?

THE LEAN PRODUCT BACKLOG – ELIMINATE WASTE Roman Pichler usually has very useful things to say so worth readin..

LOOKING FOR A NEW SCRUM MASTER I am not looking for a ScrumMaster. this is just the title of the article by Thomas Karsten. Once I had to make similar choice and who knows when it might happen again?

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