Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Weekly agile links 16th - 20th August 2010

The Most Important Thing You need to read this article by Jack Uldrich. It is very important for our future.

Agile Coaches Dojo workshop presentation by Rachel Davis

A reminder: Deming's 14 points or guide to transforming into a lean company - invaluable.

On Improv, Agile, and Fear at Agile Coach Camp Canada 2010 report by Todd Charron

Four Team Self Awareness Discussion Activities This goes straight to my favourite links. Seems like a good collection of activities that can be used on many occasions.

Project Communication Plan - How to prepare for it? Could be useful in not so Agile environments or can simply serve as reminder of what useful information might be required.

3 Project Recovery Methods This has some PMI stuff in it but again could be useful at some point.

Setting the Record Straight: I Love Scrum Alan Shalloway, CEO Net Objectives about Scrum and other methods. Interesting read.

Small Changes – Small Improvements Ketil Jensen with some ideas about Kanban and the move from Scrum.

Agile Brushstrokes: The Art of Choosing an Agile Transition Style - Joshua Kerievsky on transition options.

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