Friday, 20 August 2010

Weekly agile links 23rd - 27th August 2010

Well, here's my second week of holiday for this year.. and a long list of links is ready to be published. Next week I am off (kind of a annual reset phase) and hopefully should be back with more links after the break.. ;)


Agile release pattern: Feature-on/off-switch Nice suggestion by Johannes Brodwall - would be very useful to have it for every feature!

Motivation from the Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd Blog. Mainly discusses Dan Pink's talk

Middleware Management pitfalls 8. Application immaturity by Sander Hautvast

Using the Class of Service Concept To Optimize Flow, Manage Risk, and Increase Predictability Nice guide to Class of service by Jeff Anderson

The Fallacy Of ReUse Udi Dahan explains why 'getting things done faster' is not aid too much by code reuse.

Seth Godin Gives Up on Traditional Book Publishing Some Lean Thinking applied by Seth Godin...

The Benefits of Making the Shift to Student-Centered Teaching Training from the back of the room applied to colleges and unis... yes, it does make sense!

5 Danger Signs of Frozen Thinking Tim Berry explains it in simple words... yeah read carefully and think again..

The One With The Fifty Percent Resources Geoff Watts on multi-tasking and treating people as resources.

Creating and Sustaining Agile Culture Janet Gregory presenting @ Skillsmatter.

Don’t Call Me a Guru, Dammit! Rick Ladd republishes a few years old article/interview with Mr. Ackoff from the telegraph - Anti-guru of joined-up management

Khan Academy deserves a link purely for the great collection of training videos it is. Thanks for sharing.

Some thoughts on Senior management by Seth Godin

The Hole in the Soul of Business Every organization is “values-driven.” The only question is, what values are in the driver’s seat? - this is an article about business and values and a must read one.

Watching “agile” move from a common-sense philosophy to an organized, detailed practice A very long and intriguing article by Edward Yourdon on the eveolution of agile.

Re-imagining Agile part 1: Why it shouldn't be done, and how to do it This one seems to be discussing the principles of Agile software development - have not read it yet though.

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