Monday, 20 September 2010

Weekly agile links 20th - 24th September 2010

Essence of Scrum Originally published by Tobias Mayer in 2009 and now re-worked and adapted by David Sheriff.

Estimation and Release Planning with Fruit Salad An interesting game to learn estimation and planning on Lyssa Adkins' blog.

Podcast interview with @davegray on How Games at Work Inspire Creativity Podcast on how interactivity will make your meetings and your ideas even better.

The Quest for High Performance Tom Reynolds CSM, CSP on getting there..

The Ultimatum Game and article by Cedric B. that mainly talks about traditional organizational behaviour and how to deal with it while implementing agile/scrum.

Are Job Descriptions Illegal? Here Are 9 Reasons Why They Should Be Lou Adler challengers traditional job descriptions.

THE PROBLEMS WITH ESTIMATING BUSINESS VALUE Mike Cohn on how to estimate business value - e.g. use themes/epics not small items.

Risk Innovation or Be Beaten by Those Who Do An article about innovation not just for products but for process & leadership. By Lea Strickland.

People Help Agile Adoptions An article about change, how people cope with it and how we could go about it .. by Scott Dunn.

Mood Board Shows some process innovation in the form of 'different' kanban boards as well as explains the use of the mood board.

Performance Reviews Shift Blame, Prevent Partnership On Esther Derby's blog although it looks like it is from HBR. Explains a lot of things we seem to just accept as given.

Building a Transition Backlog Another great post by Rachel Davies based on experience with agile transitions.

John Seddon Keynote Great summary of a John Seddon's key note (by Patrick Kua). Couldn't quite get which conference was that but this does not reduce it's value. Thanks Patrick.

Agile 2010 Booklist
Yves Hanoulle went through the trouble to ask attendees for the one book they would recommend - makes a great reading list.

Slides from the Deming's Red Bead Experiment by David Joyce and as presented at Agile Australia 2010.

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