Monday, 27 September 2010

Weekly agile links 27th September - 1st October 2010

The Rise Of The Lean Machine An eye opening presentation by Claudio Perrone. I can immediately think of at least 5 steps I'd need right now or in the near future.

Where to Begin Your Transition to Lean-Agile
Alan Shalloway & James R. Trott give us a more practical guide to making a lean/agile transition work.

Common Myths of Kanban This is in context of software.. Kanban now popular enough to have myths!

Managers New to Agile May Not Know What to Do Johanna Rothman explains some of the problems with adopting agile..

How to be happy (but not too much) Dan Jones explains how being happy means you're more open to learning,etc.etc.

Defining What Done Means Another great article by Rachel D.

Six Key Things For Managing Agile Teams Derek Neighbors lists a number of the characteristics of collaborative teams (but not all).

A Root Cause Analysis of Agile Practices Regularly link to Karl Scotland and he does not disappoint again with a summary of a recent open space session with the above topic. Also congratulations to Karl on getting the opportunity to write a book about Kanban!

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