Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Agile links is Back!

After a not so good week (for which I already had a retro with myself and listed appropriate actions, etc., etc.) weekly links is now back! (perhaps to indicate a much better week?!) So here we go:

The Scrum Compliance Who except Tobias could have put it in better words? Must read for anyone interested in Scrum.

David J Andreson's Back to Basics with Kanban David re-visits the list of the minimum requirements for implementing the Kanban approach - short and worth reading.

How to Teach Lean Thinking and Acting - by Mike Rother - Author of Toyota Kata and co-author of Learning to See. I'm so gonna read this one during my first pomodoro tomorrow morning - sounds promising.

Adding Sanity to Your Agility David Hussman shares successful coaching techniques he uses to grow sustainable agility that lasts beyond the early iterations...

Agile Is More Than a Set of Methods — It’s a Leadership Mindset Can't agree more with Christopher Avery's post although I recognise that few organisations nowadays are able to do it to that level...

Start your presentation with PUNCH Some tips on how to grab your audience's attention to help your presentation go well.

Kanban for Agile Teams Whitepaper A good read (by Mike Cottmeyer) Version one need you to register in order to download it though :(

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