Monday, 13 December 2010

A new era

As you read these words our world is undergoing a major change. No surprise I guess- it has been for centuries. The significant change this time is in our minds and it is affecting many areas of our life.

We are becoming more and more aware of our behaviour and how it affects the results of our efforts. Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of how individual and group behaviour is a major factor of their success or failure.
The way we have behaved in the past is no longer appropriate to sustain our improvement. The operation model used by organizations in the past is no longer appropriate for continuous improvement and this is backed up by real production data.

Those who understood the problem early and pioneered appropriate change efforts are already way ahead. Many of them failed and learned and some of them only failed – if they learn to learn they still have a chance. Those who ignore the need to change may survive temporarily but soon enough new businesses, built from the ground and with new ideas will replace them.

This post is not a warning – it is just stating what I believe is now a fact. I wrote it because I felt like writing it and I understand that it might be stating the obvious for some or be too extreme for others. Everyone is welcome to challenge or comment.

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