Monday, 24 May 2010

Weekly agile links 24th - 28th April 2010

Just a few links this time.. nothing to do with the annual.. "things" I have to do every year around this time.. Been on the BDD topic this week with a visit to NxtGen in Southampton and also been doing some research so I thought I'd start with a bdd link and if that doesn't do it or you're anyway a .net folk check this as well.

All of my links from last week below. Enjoy;)

Transparency – Crucial to Engagement Surprise, surprise.. Good read though ;)

What's Agile? Individuals and Interactions or Processes and Tools? Nice reminder by Jared Richardson - Thanks! I think we should employ the practice to spend 10 minutes a day re-reading the manifesto and discussing in depth one of the points.

TDD at the System Scale Adam Whittingham on Nat Pryce and Steve Freeman's TDD session at Spa2010

On the relationship between projects and organisations And article by Kailash Awati on how projects are not isolated.

Maverick By Ricardo Semler Heard good things about this book and this is the highlighted summary. I found it by googling so hopefully it is legal.

Goals Gone WildThe Systematic Side Effects of Over-Prescribing Goal Setting (Lisa D. Ordóñez, Maurice E. Schweitzer, Adam D. Galinsky, and Max H. Bazerman) This is a 28 page explanation why performance reviews should be avoided.

Truly Agile CMMI A post by Hillel showing an example (with a video) of a team that is Agile and conforms to CMMI level 2

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