Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Weekly agile links 31st May - 4th June 2010

Another busy week of very little time for links.. hopefully a few good ones below..
just one more week of madness and should be able to provide better quality comments ;)

Enjoy ..

Discovering the DNA of Apple’s Innovation Engine Very interesting research about the relative values of investment in R&D, advertisement, profit per employee and how successful a company is.

New People On Your Project Mark Levison explains why adding more people to a project is a way of slowing your project down

Right.. here's another manifesto suggestion Next step of the Agile Manifesto? What is it? the Manifestos year? Otherwise this one has sensible suggestions.. I agree.

What Motivates People? No huge secrets revealed in this one. PAWEL BRODZINSKI states a truth everyone would sooner or later establish. Once you step on that road of course.. might be better staying off it longer term tbh.

Jeff Bezos and Root Cause Analysis Real 5 whys example (apparently).

SHIFTING THE PATTERN: A SYSTEMS APPROACH TO CHANGE The title kind of explains it.. Esther Derby talks about change and systems thinking..

The "Command and Control" Military Gets Agile Interesting article by Dan Mezick about what happens when the usually inflexible military 'gets' agile

Strategies for Scaling Agile Software Development Scott Ambler explains why Lean thinking is important when looking to scale agile. Perhaps also proves that agile is local optimization?!

Lean Quote of the Day Tim McMahon' lean quote is by John Kotter who reminds us that the root of success involves a sense of urgency

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