Wednesday, 29 April 2009

South UK Scrum User Group, 27th April 2009

Getting an acceptable definition of done

[Notes from 27th April 2009, South UK Scrum User Group]
The level of granularity is important, which is why we define the definition of done at four levels: release, sprint, story and task.
At the task level we look at the following:
- Developer says it is done
- Unit test exists and passes
- The code is in the trunk
- Code coverage is above the target (e.g. 90%)
- More criteria can be used as function points, analysis coverage, cop type coverage
- Tracking system is updated
- Check-in is reviewed
- The work is reviewed
At the sprint level we define the following:
- All agreed stories are done
- Held a retrospective which is documented
- Show and tell demo
At the Release level the criteria are:
- All sprints are done
- Media is produced (e.g. CDs, marketing materials)
- User documentation has been reviewed (e.g. by the user community)
- Install and release notes are ready
- External testing or audits are performed (e.g. security audits)
- PO signs it off
The definition of done for Story include:
- All tasks associated with the story are done
- The story is integrated and tested
- Acceptance criteria is met
- Installation works
- Documentation is done
- Product owner accepts the story