Friday, 17 July 2009

The Wessex Scrum User Group

Our local Scrum User Group based in the South of UK has a new name - The Wessex Scrum User Group!
After months of exchanging emails with the Scrum Alliance, talking to the guys from the London Scrum User Group and discussing how to recruit more members we finally agreed on a name, the SA published our group profile here and we can also list all our events. We also have a new SA designed logo and some arrangements are in place to get experienced people (like CSTs) to visit us!

We have not yet created any website though and the only group place on the web is still the linked in group. Hopefully this will be the next thing on my list after the holiday season.

In the meantime looking forward to the next few meetings, especially the August one when we'll have a special guest - Geoff Watts! Also something to think about is the London Scrum Gathering in Feb 2010 which we may get involved in by contributing to the program and the organization.

Hope to get a good rest next week, as with Scrum Fest and Ken's visit last week it has been quite hectic.. not to mention the kick-off of the new project at work.