Monday, 24 May 2010

Weekly agile links 24th - 28th April 2010

Just a few links this time.. nothing to do with the annual.. "things" I have to do every year around this time.. Been on the BDD topic this week with a visit to NxtGen in Southampton and also been doing some research so I thought I'd start with a bdd link and if that doesn't do it or you're anyway a .net folk check this as well.

All of my links from last week below. Enjoy;)

Transparency – Crucial to Engagement Surprise, surprise.. Good read though ;)

What's Agile? Individuals and Interactions or Processes and Tools? Nice reminder by Jared Richardson - Thanks! I think we should employ the practice to spend 10 minutes a day re-reading the manifesto and discussing in depth one of the points.

TDD at the System Scale Adam Whittingham on Nat Pryce and Steve Freeman's TDD session at Spa2010

On the relationship between projects and organisations And article by Kailash Awati on how projects are not isolated.

Maverick By Ricardo Semler Heard good things about this book and this is the highlighted summary. I found it by googling so hopefully it is legal.

Goals Gone WildThe Systematic Side Effects of Over-Prescribing Goal Setting (Lisa D. Ordóñez, Maurice E. Schweitzer, Adam D. Galinsky, and Max H. Bazerman) This is a 28 page explanation why performance reviews should be avoided.

Truly Agile CMMI A post by Hillel showing an example (with a video) of a team that is Agile and conforms to CMMI level 2

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Weekly agile links 17th - 21st May 2010

I had several busy periods during this week so I am sure I have missed on a number of great links. The ones I have below I am sure are still worth checking ;) My link of the week this time is The Bigger Picture and The Four Mindsets and three transition zones of Rightshifting - Bob Marshall finally publishes this chart which grabbed my attention when I first saw him draw it on a whiteboard.

Enjoy also the rest of my links.;)

The Rise And Fall Of Waterfall The true history of software development methodology called Waterfall... In memory of Winston Royce

Agile antipattern: Target fixation Agile Bob explains the anti pattern of fixing the target and not seeing anything else.

Why Lean is a Wicked Disease John Seddon on re-thinking industrialised processes (Enjoyed reading it)

Single-Piece Flow in Kanban Video - talk by Arlo Belshee and James Shore.

Kevin Rutherford's session on Flow Slides & links. The session is from agilenorth 2010

RETURN ON HUMAN INVESTMENT Raising our View of People and Their Possibilities By Jim Lucas

The Ten Most Common Failures of Bad Leaders Paul Sloane brings us the result of a large survey highlighting the most common failure of leaders.

Getting RE-TRAINED to be a ScrumMaster My friend Geoff Watts has published another great article to help Scrum masters understanding their role.

WHEN SCRUM IS NOT A GOOD FIT Here's another article by the CST who certified me several years ago. Roman suggests using Kanban when Scrum is not a good fit.

The Three Manifestos Nice pictures of the 3 most important manifestos of our time ;)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Weekly agile links 10th - 15th May 2010

A week of trying to go back to normal and a week of new opportunities and some exciting changes. At the end of last week Leeds United (the team I support) won promotion to the Championship and while that has nothing to do with Agile links it does represent a positive development for me;) Anyway on the links topic my link of the week is here:
The Problem with the World? "Dear Sirs,I am.Sincerely yours,G.K. Chesterton"

And the rest of my links:

Can I Do Perfect Scrum and Still Fail? Yes. Read more if you want to find out Mike Cottmeyer's somewhat longer answer.

One Team: Replay initially published in July of 2001 by Kent Beck. Classic read.

Dee Hock’s four priorities for managers How obvious isn't it? And how well misunderstood .. manage what?

Scrum or Kanban? YES! You have seen these questions I am sure.. which one is best, when to use each, and so on.. Every process has a sweet spot says Michael Sahota and concludes - We need to know both Scrum/XP and Kanban

Agile and Lean Product Development – Yesteryear, Today and into the Future Rally dev post including opinions of their own gurus Ryan Martens and Jean Tabaka.

Scrum to Kanban transition Case study published by Mattias Skarin

Word to the Wise Someone finally has defined wisdom.. apparently

Approaches to Organizational Change a post by Michael Sahota which is mainly about Mary Poppendieck talk “What’s wrong with targets?” whose goal is to 'trash Management by Objectives'

The Missing Link To Lean Six Sigma - Emotional Intelligence ANKIT PATEL explains why lean and six sigma should be viewed as more than just tools.

Career paths for technical folks Bob Marshall on the always interesting topic of career paths and why developers should not move into management if they do not want to..