Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Change is NOT hard

Change is not hard. I really mean it. Smart people have already invented strategies for making change happen. These strategies are out there in books and articles and videos and you only have to find one and learn how to use it.

Change is not hard. Not as hard as figuring out what to change. Now this is hard. Sometimes you would think it is obvious what needs changing yet once you make the change the results may not be what you expected.

Figuring out what to change is what you need to spend enough time doing. It is tricky to ensure you spend enough but not too much and not too little. Most people around you will have many solutions before even hearing out what the problem is and they'll insist you hear them out.

Your change effort whatever strategy you choose begins at this point. To get it right you're very likely to need help in finding out the one or more root causes of the problem. So make friends, choose a strategy and figure out how to identify the root cause for your problems. This I believe is your best chance of making change happen.