Thursday, 24 December 2009

Agile links #3

David Joyce's - A Journey to Systemic Improvement video link here

Mike Cohn - Synchronize Rather Than Overlap Sprints

It’s Not the Recession, You Just Suck

Moon Shots for Management Or Management 2.0 and its grand challenges Pdf link

How GANTT Charts could be built by using LEGO!

"You don't find customers for your products. You find products for your customers."

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Agile links #2

Quickly after the first post here comes a second set of links:

Mentoring of candidates for CST many people have asked in the last year how to become a CST and here are the answers. Note that This is NOT an official set of requirements for CST application

Safecracking for the computer scientist Computers & security - by Matt Blaze

This is not like That Another (I am sure) brilliant post by Tobias Mayer which is in fact a repost of Lyssa Adkin's original post.


Tester Types A humorous look at the different testing types according to Rob Lambert

Integration Management an interesting post on the PMI Agile Community of Practice Wiki which for some reason links one of my articles.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Agile links #1

There is something about all the links to blog posts, articles, videos, etc. The information these sources have is usually very interesting. At the same time I find it more and more difficult to find enough spare time to read them all. I have tried emailing links to myself, tweeting to myself and many other tactics with mixed success but mainly no success ;). So Now I decided to stock them here on my blog so I have the links without growing my bookmarks to unmanageable level and still am able to access the links later when I find a few spare minutes. So here goes agile links #1:

People Polling @ tasty cupcakes

Systems Thinking: The Fifth Discipline of Learning Organizations By Marty Jacobs

Leadership and systems thinking.

Presentation Tip: How To Tell A Story

5 Secrets to the Hidden Job Market

Abolishing Performance Appraisals - a book I might buy
The Airplane Game - A pratical introduction to Agile/SCRUM

Notes on Starting an Agile User Group

100 Impediments A look at impediments a team may need to address.

That's all I have for now.. I hope this might be useful for someone else as well ;)