Monday, 21 March 2011

Agile links Collection 2011 vol.2

Well, things got a bit busy in Plamenland and I realized I can't keep up with weekly links so instead will have to collect the links and post when I have enough. On the plus side that means there's a better chance I read some or most of the articles and filter out those which I feel are not good enough to make the list. Anyway - enjoy my second set for 2011 ;)

People x Process - How Facebook Became the Hottest Company on the Planet Warning - This one's long. Worth a read if you have the time - explains a lot about facebook and to my mind provides a good learning opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Great Leaders aren’t Emotional By Dan Rockwell, have not read it. would like to read though - looks insightful to me.

How to Develop Products like Toyota Good article about the main differences between how Toyota and its competitors make products.

What Henry Ford Knew That Many CEOs Have Forgotten A good short read which taught me a lot about Henry Ford

How to plan a workshop Useful guide from John McFadyen

Agile – in name only? If you're into coaching perhaps worth a read..

The Perfect ScrumMaster Job Description I know, I know - another one.. may be you're fed up with it and may be this one is the right one for you?

Complexity versus Lean Jurgen Appelo's talk at LESS2010 conference in Helsinki. I think he got best speaker/presentation award for this.

What is an Agile Scout? – Our Order of Agility and Law This is a good list of activities and characteristics of an agile coach. Not sure why we need a new name though.

Gossip Kills Possibility Dan Pallotta has a wonderful story to tell and he nicely ties it up with business environment. Some plain and true statements about what leadership is all about. Recommended read.

In Response To SCORE A good analysis of an attempt to implement something agile. Pointing out some misjudgements and can be useful when evaluating someone else's process.