Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Weekly agile links 6th - 10th September 2010

It seems like links are flowing from everywhere these days and more and more knowledge flies around us.. we only have to reach out and learn. I hope you will find plenty of interesting articles in my collection this week. Happy reading!

Article: Lean And Agile — Roommates, Married Or Twins? Very interesting post by Gil Broza briefly describing a panel discussion with this title at Agile 2010.

Agile is Ready for the Enterprise Michael Hugos explains how mature has agile become in the last 20 years or so.

JOB is a four-letter word Harold Jarche on the inadequacy between the way we structure jobs and the current networked reality.

Agile2010 Bag Packing with Kanban Karl Scotland presents an exciting real world kanban experiment + video.

Is “Agile Methodology” an Oxymoron and Counterintuitive to Agile-Lean Product Development and Craftsmanship? by Russel Pannone. Perhaps worth reading if I could place it higher than all of my other tasks (unlikely).

Reading The Toyota Way Matteo Vaccari with some thoughts on how this book changes his view.

BUT /MY/ TEAM NEEDS A LEADER Can teams function without a leader? Check this Esther Derby article for the answer.

An interview with Jerry Weinberg Thanks to Jon Jagger

The Thinking Tool called Agile Henrik Kniberg's slides from his keynote @ Lean/Agile/Scrum conference in Zurich - "The Thinking Tool Called Agile"

Collaboration Game: Where Are Your Keys? This got me interested in the game so I am reading a bit more about it here

Simplicity: A New Model A nice long post by Jurgen Appelo on simple and complex systems and rules.

10 Tips on Presenting at Conferences Thanks to Cory Foy

How do I know if my PEOPLE are being fully utilized? by Richard Cheng. I changed the word resource to people as this is what this article is about.

Agile Ruined My Life Some interesting agile implementation horror stories by Daniel Markham and some thoughts on the reasons why such things are common.

Success with Agile Managers Here's a great extract from a book I am currently reading. The article is by Clinton Keith and explains why we need the role of Agile Manager.

Solution Focused FAQ Got interested in the solution focused approach (thanks to Dadi) during acg-uk this year and this FAQ comes handy to help me learn more.

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